Aqueous stable & kennel disinfectants


A technological breakthrough, Aqueos is a new generation water based disinfectant that kills 99.999% known bacteria, fungi and viruses (including strangles & ringworm).

Products include shampoo, hand sanitisers, tack cleaners, stable disinfectants and a specialist range for equine dentists.

Aqueous kills bacteria, fungi and viruses in seconds. Carries on working after application, and effective against strangles, parvo virus and ringworm.

With the same chemical hazard rating as distilled water, Aqueos is very safe, will not damage any surface or equipment and horses can return to treated areas immediately.

The range is a non-irritant so no nasty fumes during use for you or the horses. The disinfectant de-odorises by attacking the cause of smells rather than just masking.

Some of the benefits:-

  • Long Lasting, the disinfectant works for a number of days after application
  • Safe, same chemical hazard rating as distilled water
  • Non Irritant
  • Kind to skin, hand sanitisers condition hands as well
  • Versitile, can be used on any surface without causing damage
  • Tested to British Standards EN1276 & EN1650
  • Competition Safe, contains no prohibited substances

“We are very excited to support Kitty, her team and her horses and wish her every success.”

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