We have a great, experienced and enthusiastic team here at Kitty King Eventing.

Chloe Fry

Chloe joined the team in October 2016, she is an accomplished rider, a quick learner and is hugely dedicated to the horses.

She has a great eye for detail and is passionate about the well being and turnout of the horses and is a big asset to the team.

Melissa Wheeler

Mel joined the team in November 2016, she is a dedicated member of staff who rides well and is a quick learner.

She is very motivated and has a great sense of humour, as well as being a quick conscientious worker who doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

Jo Jones

Jo has worked for me part time for the last few years, she also owns Boondoggle and is a real help on the other girls days off as well as when we are away at three days.

Jo has previously worked for Chris King, Jane Tolley, Jay Halim and Spencer Wilton.

Jane Boggis

My Mum Jane is another huge support and important member of my team. She has helped me develop my riding and career over all the years as well as helping with the smooth running of the yard so it is all ship shape and up together.

She comes to numerous events throughout the year and always has the horses looking immaculately turned out. She is my greatest fan as well as being my biggest critic.

Ben King

Ben is my husband and a very important member of my team, he is a real help and support. With his national hunt background has a real understanding of the hard work and stupid hours that are involved with horses as well as how you feel after a good and bad day!!

He knows when to give advice and when to keep quite!! I owe him a very big thank you for all he does, I am not sure there are that many husbands that would put up with so much.

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