Flying Changes Bespoke Jackets, Tailcoats and Accessories

Flying Changes

Bespoke Jackets, Tailcoats and Accessories for the Discerning Rider.

Our business has grown and developed in recognition of the exciting times of change within the equestrian world of dress code.

One of our directors is herself an International Dressage Rider and Trainer and so we intimately understand the fine balance that needs to be struck between style, that perfect fit, and the necessary freedom of movement required by riders. We can also advise on the various properties of our extensive range of fabrics.

We not only provide a bespoke service for the growing trend of riders wishing to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their choice of jacket or tailcoat. But also for riders looking for that more subtle change simply in style, trim or modern, washable, stain resistant fabrics.

Flying Changes have chosen one of the finest equestrian tailors in the UK to manufacture their jackets. Indeed they have been the supplier of jackets and tailcoats to all our GB teams since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Choosing a British based firm, not only ensures security of supply and an excellent after sales service, but we take pride in knowing ‘Made in Britain’ means ethical production, fair wages and decent working conditions.

Customer satisfaction is our prime objective and therefore quality control is of the utmost importance. All our fabrics are produced in this country and are sourced from the top quality mills in Scotland and Yorkshire.

Most of our fabrics are now exclusive to us. All the garments are individually hand cut and each machinist is responsible for a specialist operation. The jackets are finally hand pressed and the buttons sewn on by hand.

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