TopSpec Equine sponsors Kitty King

TopSpec – Horse Nutrition

TopSpec Equine is an equine nutrition company that specialises in the production of top specification feed balancers, supplements, blends and custom made products.

It is the only horse feed company owned exclusively by equine nutritionists. TopSpec products are highly respected throughout the equine industry for their nutritional integrity.

“TopSpec have been used successfully by thousands of horse owners to improve the performance, condition and health of their horses and ponies. We believe, where appropriate, in supplying optimum levels of all the micronutrients needed for a specific purpose within a broad-spectrum supplement or balancer.

This makes life simpler and cheaper for owners and eliminates the risks of unbalanced or over-supplementation when several different products are bought for one horse. Our free nutritional advisory service provides friendly, practical advice from experienced equine nutritionists to help horse and pony owners maintain fit and healthy animals.”

“We have also helped the return to soundness of hundreds of ponies previously crippled with laminitis, and helped countless horses that had suffered from colic, ‘tying-up’ and poor hoof quality to recover superbly. TopSpec’s policy is to support young riders who have the potential to represent their country in their chosen disciplines.

We are therefore delighted to support Kitty who has already had tremendous success and look forward to building a long term relationship with her.”

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