I just had Creevagh Cooley doing her first proper BE100 and Bondi Beach doing the Novice at Aldon. 

Creevagh Cooley was fantastic again, she did another lovely test, this time scoring a 27 in incredably foogy conditions. She then jumped a brilliant double clear, the fog hadn’t cleared at all so I was very relived that she could obviously see the fences a little better than I could, as she did such a good job in testing conditions and finished 2nd. 

Creevagh Cooley flying cross country in the fog!

Bondi Beach was also on great form. He did a brilliant test and scored a 28 in the Novice. He then jumped a lovely round in the show jumping and was incredably unlucky to have the middle part of the treble down after jumping in a little big. He then popped round the cross country very confidently and found it all really easy. 

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