Since Tweseldown all the horse’s have been running well. Boondoggle ran at Aldon in the AI where he posted the best test of the day, to lead by over 3 marks, ahead of the likes of Minors Frolic and Imperial Cavalier. He then did a lovely show jumping round and was unlucky to have one down. He then gave me a great ride cross country but picked up a few time faults as I only like to take the hand break off at big competitions with him.

                                         Boondoggle @ Aldon

We were then off to Swacliffe with Eros Moon and Persimmon. Moon went nicely in the dressage but made a couple of baby mistakes and was quiet harshly marked for 36, he then jumped a lovely double clear to finish 5th.
Persimmon also did a good test and jumped a double clear to finish 4th.

                                          Eros Moon @ Swacliffe

The Following weekend we were off to our local event Gatcombe. Starlight was competing in the IN where she was her very reliable self and did a lovely test to score 29 and to be well placed after the dressage, she then did a great show jumping and cross country round to finish 2nd.

Zidante was competing in her first Intermediate were she went brilliantly to finish 4th with a 30 dressage and a very confident double clear.

                                          Zidante @ Gatcombe Show Jumping and XC

High Havoc was competing in the AI, he did a good test to score 34, but I felt he was a little flat compared to Tweseldown as I probably warmed him up for to long. He then jumped a fab round show jumping and was very unlucky to have one down, he then did a nice steady clear xc to finish just out the placings. Watch a clip of his xc at

                                          High Havoc @ Gatcombe

We were then off to Somerly a couple of days later with General Opposition and Bee Animas both in the OI and Eros Moon and Persimmon in the BE100. General Opposition went very well to finish on his dressage of 30 to finish 5th, only two marks behind the winner in a very competitive section. Bee Animas went well, he was slightly tense in the dressage and scored a 32, he then jumped a very nice double clear but just went slowly xc.

Eros Moon did a very nice test to score 32 then was a bit flat in the show jumping and had three down. He then did a lovely xc round but still wasn’t feeling quiet as enthusiastic as normal. He is now going to have a little break as he has been hard at it since June when he came out of racing, he has learnt a lot, but is a bit tired so I think this explains his show jumping. The break should do him the world of good.

Persimmon was great again and did a fantastic test to score 26 and to achieve his second 9 of the season. He then jumped a lovely double clear to win his section.

                                          Persimmon @ Somerley

For up to the minute news from the yard and events please follow me on Twitter @kittyeventing. I am off to Compiegn next week with High Havoc to do the CCI** and will be making updates throughout the event.

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