I had Vendredi Biats in the Intermediate and Mo Cuiske in the Open Intermediate.

Vendredi Biats was doing his second intermediate and did a fantastic test, although he is still a little green at this level he is coming on all the time and showed some lovely work. He scored a very competitive 27.5.

Watch our test here:

He jumped a lovely round in the show jumping and was very unlucky to have one down when he lost a little balance on take off down a related distance.

Watch our round here:

I decided not to run him cross country as it was on the firm side and he was running the following week at Somerford in his first CIC*.
Mo Cuiske did a good test, he was feeling rather jolly and full of himself after his advanced debut a few weeks earlier. He scored a 34.1.
He then jumped a good round in the show jumping but was rather too exubarent in the combination and was very unfortunate to have both parts down. He then jumped a super but due to the firmness steady clear round the cross country.

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