I had Ceylor LAN and Persimmon in the CIC**, Creevagh Cooley in the Novice and Vendredi Biats in the BYEH class.

Ceylor LAN was in the top arena by all the trade stands, it was very windy when he did his test (even a board blew down in his test!) and he found the atmosphere a little more exciting than he normally does. He got a little tense at times, when he does he tends to go a little behind the bit and then drops the contact. He did this a little in his test which was a shame as when he was to the contact and relaxed in his mouth his work was super. Even with a bit of tension creeping in his work was of such a high standard that he still scored a 43 which put him in 8th place going into the show jumping. Although Barbury had a great grass covering and a little rain, I decided not to run him cross country as he had had a couple of runs on the firmer ground at Nunney and Salpeton and his next run is at Aston where he is doing his first advanced. 
Persimmon did a super test and showed some lovely work, he was a little unsteady in the contact in his walk, but other than that I was thrilled with his work. I was a little disspointed however with his mark. He scored a 43.7 which put us just outside the top ten. 
Watch our test here:

He then show jumped on the Saturday, he jumped really well, but was very unlucky to have the first and last part of the treble down. I’m not sure if something caught his attention, but it is very unlike him to have two down. 
Watch our round here:

He then jumped a lovely confident clear round the cross country. We went very steadily as the ground was firm enough and he was only running to regain his three star qualification that he had lost. So although it wasn’t a winning run it was a very pleasing outting with the main objective achieved. 
Watch our round here:

Creevagh Cooley did a lovely test, she struggled a little with the undulating ground in the warm up, but did some super work in the arena. 
She show jumped really well and was incredibly unlucky to have the very last fence down. She jumped into the treble quite big and ran out of room by the last part. It was a real shame as she hadn’t had a single fence down all year. We decided against running her cross country as the ground was firm and she had nothing to prove.
Vendredi Biats did some lovely work in the BYEH class, he scored well in the dressage and having jumped well it was a really shame when he looked into the distance when jumping the planks. He then had it down behind due to his lack of concentrating. He didn’t score brilliantly in his jumping so didn’t make it through to the gallop, which was a shame, but he showed some high quality work and I was really pleased with his over all performance. 

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