After a few days at home and a cross country school Persimmon and I headed up to Bramham.

A stunning photo taken by Libby Law

We were last to go so had plenty of time to settle into our new surroundings. Persimmon yet again did a super test, he showed some lovely work. He unfortunately made two rather large errors when he misunderstood my aids. He was being a little too egar to please and cantered out of his first halt and broke in his first medium trot. His work after that however was fantastic, he scored a 42.7 which left us in 6th place going into the cross country. 
The cross country was another big, bold and technical Ian Stark track. I felt it had a little more to do the Tattersalls and it was a great track. 
Again like at Tattersalls Persimmon was giving me a lovely ride, he was jumping well and was making the straight routes feel easy. Unfortunately it all went wrong at the first water again. He jumped in really well and a little more controlled than Tattersalls, you then dog legged to and upright set of rails which took you back into the next dew pond, for some unknown reason Persimmon left a leg quite badly and this unfortunately brought us both down. 
I have re watched the video of it a number of times and I just think it was one of those things and incredibly bad luck. However we were both back up on our feet within seconds of falling and both absolutely fine, just very muddy. 
So again it wasn’t the finish I or Persimmons owners had been hoping for but we live to fight another day. We are going to re group and make a new plan ready for the autumn. 

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