I just had Ceylor LAN in the CIC*** at Bramham. He did a super test but made a couple of annoying mistakes, he took a sudden dislike to the letter A and had a silly spook at it and very annoyingly changed behind when he came back from his medium canter. It was a shame as he did some super work. The judges were marking very strongly and with his couple of mistakes he scored 42.6 to sit in 3rd place.

Watch our test here:

After our start box issue at Chatsworth I was a little concerned that the experience may have worried him, but he was perfect to start and flew round the cross country giving me a fantastic ride. After a fair bit of over night rain the ground was practically perfect, but it had got quite cut up down the hills so I went a little steadier in those places. We picked up 2.8 time to unfortunately drop down to 6th. I was thrilled with his performance though. 
Watch our round here:

He trotted up really well on the Sunday morning and looked as fresh as a daisy. The show jumping track was big a square and had a lot of turn backs on yourself. Ceylor LAN jumped a fantastic round and felt on springs, he gave everything feet to spare which was brilliant, but unfortunately we picked up 1 time fault, I’m sure this was because we spent so much time in the air! His super jumping round moved us up to 4th but our 1 time fault kept us from 3rd. Now it’s just a case of waiting and keeping our fingers crossed that we receive that all important phone call from the selectors soon!
Watch our round here:

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