I had Creevagh Cooley competing in the Novice, Ceylor LAN in the CIC** and Persimmon in the CIC***.

Creevagh Cooley did some lovely work in her test, but got into a bit of a muddle with her counter canter and put in some very nice but unrequired flying changes which was a shame. She scored 37.5.

She then jumped a great clear in the show jumping, in a very atmospheric ring with flags all around it.
Watch our round here:
After being a little green in her first Novice I was I little worried about Burnham Markets track as it was a lot tougher than Portman. It was big and bold and posed plenty of questions, I needn’t have worried though as she flew round, finding it all very easy and finished in a fantastic 2nd place!

Ceylor LAN was doing his first CIC** test, he struggled a little with the hill in the arena and the firm ground. But all in all I was very pleased with his work and the promise he showed. He did some lovely work, but lost his balance at times. There is still plenty to work on with him, so I was really pleased to score 44.5, which left us in 2nd place.  
Watch our test here:
He then jumped a beautiful clear in the show jumping, he kept a lovely rythem and felt very classy. 
Watch our round here:
As the ground was disappointingly firm I decided not to run him cross country as I didn’t feel it was worth risking him so early in the season.

Persimmon did a lovely test in the CIC***, he also found the hill in the arena a little tricky so showed some loss of balance in his medium trot down the hill and wasn’t as expressive in his changes as he can be. Even so his work was of a really high quality and he scored 39.2 which left us in 5th place. 
He also jumped a fabulous clear in the show jumping making it all feel very easy. 
Like with Ceylor LAN I decided to withdraw before the cross country as although we could really have done with a good CIC*** run before Tattersalls I didn’t want to risk him in the very firm ground. It was a real shame not to have run either cross country as the tracks were very educational but I felt it best to save them for another day. 

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