I had Zidante and High Havoc both in the CIC*** and Hartpury and Bonne Amie was meant to be doing the CCI**. Unfortunately Bonne Amie managed to get puss in the foot on the Monday of the event and was unable to compete which was a great shame for everyone especially her owners.

Zidante went fantastically, she produced her best three star test to date and scored a 39.4 to put us in 2nd place. She scored a 9 from every judge and got three 9’s from one!! She is getting so ridable and consistent now at this level, but I still feel there is more to come. Watch our test here:

She then jumped a brilliant clear in the show jumping and loved pinging off Hartpurys great surface. Watch our round here:

Zidante was fantastic cross country and very confident with herself. She was maybe a little too confident jumping into the second water and jumped in far too big!! She pecked on landing and did a little bit of snorkeling, loosing our line to the skinny eyelash hedge which was our jump out the water. As the eyelash was numbered separately I decided as she was snorkeling to make a circle and jump the last part separately. Zidante had other ideas and once she got her nose out the water she saw the very large hedge separating the two and three star fences, locked onto it and jumped it!! As this wasn’t flagged we weren’t penalised but it did waste quite a lot of time which was a shame. We picked up 13.2 time, which dropped us from 2nd to 9th, but still a great performance for an eight year old. Watch our cross country here:

High Havoc also did his best test at three star level to date and not to out done by Zidante also scored a few 9’s!! He scored a 41, which left us in 6th place.  He just went a little within himself in the indoor and wasn’t quite as expressive as he can be outside. Watch our test here:

High Havoc then jumped a beautiful clear in the show jumping and also loved jumping off the surface. He was nearly foot perfect! Watch our round here:

He was fab cross country and gave me a great ride, we were unfortunately held on the course which broke our rhythm up some what and we picked up 3.2 time faults. But I was still thrilled with him. All this was good enough for us to finish in 3rd place for the second year running!! High Havoc seems to like Hartpury as he also finished 2nd there the year before. I am hoping we are due a win there next year! watch out cross country round here:

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