I just had Acis at Moreton Morrell in the BE100. It was his last run of the season before going back to his owner for a well deserved break. 

He did a fantastic test again, he has improved so much from his first run at the beginning of August. He kept a lovely swinging rhythm and was completely relaxed and focused through out the test. The judge rewarded him with a fabulous score of 23.5. 
He then jumped a lovely round in the show jumping, unfortunately we had one down when I went for a stride that wasn’t really there, giving Acis not much of a chance to be able to jump the fence properly. 
He then flew round the cross country, he didn’t look at anything and felt really confident. He finished inside the time and won his section. It was wonderful that we finally managed to get our nose in front as Acis has finished in 2nd place in his last three runs and throughly deserved his win.        

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