I had two BE100 first timers at Mount Ballan, Killossery Karisma and Fivale Indian Art. Mount Ballan is run by my wonderfully loyal owner Diana Bown, it is a great event with lovely courses and a very friendly laid back feel to it. 

Killossery Karisma did a very nice test, keeping a lovely rythem and showing some very pleasing work and scored 28. 
He then jumped a super clear in both the show jumping and around the cross country. He didn’t notice the step up to BE100 and seemed to really enjoy himself. He finished in 9th place. 
After being a little green in his first test at Moreton Morrell Fivale Indian Art did a fantastically grown up test. He did some brilliant work and felt like he had come on hugely. He scored a super 26.5. 
He then pinged round the show jumping producing a lovely clear and then flew round the cross country. He found it all very easy and didn’t bat an eyelid at anything. He finished in 6th place. 

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