I had Bondi Beach in the BE100, Ceylor LAN and Caeleste in the Intermediate Novice and Mo Cuiske in the Intermediate.

Bondi Beach did a lovely relaxed test, he swung really well in his trot work and just lost a little balance in his canter when he had to go down hill and scored 33. He then jumped two fantastic clears, we just went slowly cross country as it was very firm on the Friday and we were running HC.


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                               Bondi Beach – Photo courtesy of Tanzy Lee

Ceylor LAN and Caeleste where both doing their first Intermediate Novice and both coped with the step up in the dressage and show jumping really well.

Ceylor LAN did a very gown up test in slippy conditions, his canter work was particularly pleasing. He scored a super 23.6.

He then jumped a foot perfect clear in the show jumping.

As he already has 33 BE points I decided to run him very slowly cross country as I am worried he will up grade to Advanced before he is seven at the rate he is going!! Even with 12.4 time faults he still finished 5th!

Caeleste also did a fantastic test for her age and knowledge, she just nudged ahead of her stable mate and scored 22.7.

She then jumped a lovely round in the show jumping, but didn’t quite listen to me running down hill to a double and had her first fence of the year down.

She also has a lot of points for a six year old, so she went slowly cross country as well and picked up 12 time faults for 8th place.

Mo Cuiske was doing his second Intermediate and was rather over top in his dressage, Tattersalls had clearly gone to his head!! He did some lovely trot work, but got silly in his first canter and did a few flying changes as well as a fly leap!! I think he saw the other arenas being packed up and put away whilst he was doing his test and used that a good excuse to have fun. He finished his test well and scored 36.4.

He then made up for his freshness in the dressage with two brilliant jumping rounds. Both the show jumping and cross country were tough tracks and caused their fair share of trouble, but Mo Cuiske made both of them feel very easy. His good jumping rounds and only a few time faults were good enough for 4th place.

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