I had Snow Wind SN in the BE100 plus, Virage Des Falaises in the Intermediate Novice and Vendredi Biats, Billy Bounce and Mo Cuiske in the CIC**.

Snow Wind SN did a lovely test and coped with the step up to the more tricky novice test well. She scored a competitive 27.3.

She then jumped a super round in the show jumping, she had a very unlucky fence down. She hit it so lightly that I had no idea that we had even touched it. I was really pleased with the rhythm she kept and how she jumped.

She then jumped a lovely easy clear round the cross country, unfortunately I was a little speedy and picked up a couple of time faults for going to fast, which left us in 5th place.

Virage Des Falaises did a great test and is getting stronger and more balanced every time he goes out. He scored a 30.7.

He then jumped a great clear in the show jumping. It was one of our best rounds to date and he feels ready to step up to intermediate.

Watch our round here:

He then gave me a great ride round the cross country, he just had a steady run in preparation for his first intermediate at Farley Hall. We picked up a few time faults to finish 7th.

Watch our round here:

Vendredi Biats did his best test to date and other than a little stumble in his half pass made very few mistakes. He scored a brilliant 33.4 to lead the section.

Watch our test here:

He then jumped well in the show jumping, but was a little fresh and lacked a little concentration which resulting in us having a very annoying fence down.
He was super round a strong enough CIC** and felt very confident and grown up. He finished comfortably inside the time to finish 2nd.
Watch our round here:
Billy Bounce did a very good test and I am beginning to feel we are really starting to form a partnership together. He scored a very competitive 40.0 to sit in 6th place.
Watch our test here:
He then jumped our best round together to date in the show jumping, he was giving himself a little more time and didn’t rush quite so much.
Again like in the dressage, round the cross country I really felt we were beginning to form a partnership and starting to really know and understand each other. He gave me a great ride and  finished inside the time to finish 3rd.
Watch our round here:
Mo Cuiske did his best test to date, he was far more connected and did some super work. He scored a very competitive 37.2.
The following day he went back to show jump and after not feeling his usual self and having 3 down we decided to withdraw him.

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