Straight after Blenheim we headed to Pontispool on the Monday with Mo Cuiske in the Open Intermediate and BGS Captain Morgan in the Intermediate Novice.

Mo Cuiske did a super test, scoring a 9 in the process. He scored 31.6 which put him right amongst the top few.

He then jumped a superb clear in show jumping. I was delighted with his round as he had got very nervous jumping at Blenheim in the big atmosphere at the weekend. So it was great to have him back to his normal self so quickly.

He then flew round the cross country and made it feel so easy. He was foot perfect the whole way, we picked up a few time faults to finish 3rd.

Having not ridden BGS Captain Morgan for a week he did a super test and hadn’t ¬†forgotten any of his training. He scored 31.4.

He then jumped a brilliant clear show jumping.

He gave me a great ride cross country and was extremely unlucky to pick up 20 penalties at the water, he jumped down the two steps into the water well then pecked badly on landing, unfortunately I went up round his neck and neither of us were in a position to jump the fence in the water a few strides later so I had to turn a circle to reorganise ourselves! It was such a shame as he didn’t do anything wrong.

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