I had Mo Cuiske in the Open Intermediate, Creevagh Cooley in the Intermediate and Darustud Cooley and Cooley Plan B in the BE100.

Mo Cuiske did a lovely test showing some super work staying settled and relaxed to score 29.6.
Watch our test here:

He found the ground a little tacky in the show jumping, but tried really hard and jumped a super clear.
Watch our round here:

He then jumped a super clear round the cross country picking up eight time faults to finish 6th. 
Creevagh Cooley did a great test to score 30.5. She has a lot of power and at times is still struggling to control it but she is getting more balanced all the time. Watch our test here:
She then like Mo Cuiske found the ground quite hard work as it was a bit tacky and dead, but she tried her best for me and jumped a super clear. 
Watch our round here:
She then popped round the cross country finding it all easy, she to picked up eight time faults and finished 5th. 
Darustud Cooley who is a new ride for me was having his first run. Unfortunately after the Intermediate day Somerley had a quite a bit of rain so the ground had got rather deep. The arenas were pretty muddy but he did a lovely rhythmical test with very few errors and scored a super 24.3. 
Watch our test here:
He then jumped a great round in the show jumping but found the ground really tricky and was very unlucky to have one down when he got a little stuck in the mud. 
Watch our round here:
He then flew round the cross country jumping a lovely clear for 3rd place. 
Cooley Plan B was having her first ever run and it was also her first ever competition. She did a fantastic test for her first time in white boards and scored a leading mark of  26.5. 
Watch our test here:
She then struggled a lot in the very wet ground in the show jumping and went a little green. She jumped clear over the fences but had a very unfortunate stop in the double when she got stuck in the mud. 
She then went very green at the start of the cross country and got rather shell shocked by the jump judges and everything going on so had a couple of baby stops early on the course. Once she had jumped the 6th fence she started to really grow in confidence and really enjoyed the rest of the track and finished extremely well. She will have learnt a lot and will hopefully come in hugely for the experience.   

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